Boyle’s retort / Comment & analysis / Columnists – Richard Epstein: Why open source is unsustainable

James Boyle’s response to Richard Epstein’s original critique of OSS “Give me Liberty and give me death?”

IBM now earns more from what it calls “Linux-related revenues” than it does from traditional patent licensing, and IBM is the largest patent holder in the world., November 2004

An arresting quote, but it’s not exactly comparing like with like: “Linux-related revenues” will be consultancy. I’ve not checked the figures, but I’d think there will be a stack of money coming into IBM’s coffers from work implementing patented systems.

Epstein is based at the Progress & Freedom Foundation, with all that that means (I love insinuation!), but the article does raise points that have to be answered by more than ad hominem attacks and blithe assumptions that the GPL will work.


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