EU wants online debate, or: Plan D from outer space

From eGovernment News – 21 April 2006: EU: Multilingual web forum discusses ‘Plan D’

‘Plan D’ is the European Commission’s campaign for Dialogue, Debate and Democracy in response to the European Council’s call for a period of reflection following French and Dutch ‘no votes’ on the proposed Constitutional Treaty. To support this plan, it has set up an on-line discussion forum in all EU languages encouraging citizens to have their say.

The actual debate site is here, though it would appear the UK isn’t having a national debate… but if you follow the link labelled European Discussion Forum on the left of the page, you get to see the EU debate forums. Each language has its own debate, which has some interesting implications…. and there's not much moderation going on, so the conversations just ramble.

As for the alternative of having a unified debate in English only, as one person says:

Die Englische Sprache ist eine Krankheit. Da es eine Krankheit ist, die uns Europäer verseucht, haben wir das recht ihre verdammte Sprache zu verseuchen.

Aaah, European unity. Doncha just love it!


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One Response to EU wants online debate, or: Plan D from outer space

  1. Peter says:

    The Plan D from outer space thing kicked off an excellent debate at Margret Wollstroem’s blog:

    But as she points out, the debate is dominated by males aged 20-44….

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