Links: UK politics and libel laws, and OpenIDs weaknesses

First, some UK politics, from a soft-right perspective. Iain Dale is a PPC for the Conservative Party, and seems to have adapted well to internet-based media:

The implications of the Sheffield fans’ forum libel case are being thought through:

This time round, the judge seems to have taken the attitude that much of the chat should be likened to banter in a bar, and not taken too seriously, and it’s pointed out that forums only have the information that people use to register with, so pseudonyms and anonymous email addresses should provide some protection for the naughty.

Finally: A few months ago, I was getting all enthusiastic about OpenID as a natural compliment to the mashed-up Web2.0 world. Turns out it has some inherent weaknesses. The question is, can they be mitigated:


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