Welcome home, Ross!

Ross Ferguson used to be a Director of e-Democracy at the Hansard Society in London. Apparently he’s moved back to Scotland and is now a senior development manager at a company called Dog Digital (www.dogdigital.co.uk), so it’s not obvious how much he’ll stay in the e-participation field, but we can only hope – he is well thought of in the community.

His blog is at – http://basiccraft.wordpress.com/ and might be worth checking occasionally (welcome to WordPress too!).

If immediate interest to me is that contains a transcript of a presentation he did in a workshop at the Global Centre of ICT in Parliament in Geneva (which embarrassingly I hadn’t investigated before), where he says:

I did not say that parliaments haven’t got involved in innovation. I stated that they had but explained that they did it badly and it was affecting their ability to do their core business – representation, scrutiny and law-making – in our contemporary societies.

You can download the transcript vis his blog item.

Hat tip to Whitehall Webby for the news


About Peter Cruickshank

Lecturer in the School of Computing and a member of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Interested in information systems, learning, politics, society, security and where they intersect. My attempts at rounding out my character include food, cinema, running, history and, together with my lovely wife, bringing up a cat and a couple of kids.
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2 Responses to Welcome home, Ross!

  1. rferguson says:

    Cheers Peter! Look forward to teaming up with my Scottish much more closely, particularly the top-quality work coming out of ITC.

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks! Hopefully I’ll catch up with you before the Holyrood conference in February

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