More city-level e-participation resources

More SmartCities related links – including a predecessor project (IntelCities), and two general European resources (IDABC’s IEF and EuroVoc):

  • The vision is for the Council to be recognised as the UK leader in delivering modern, joined-up and interactive public service using a wide range of new technology. Smart City is all about people based public services … how customers and the Council connect. It is about changing the way the Council organises and delivers its services to be efficient, effective and customer focussed. Its aim is to use ICT efficiently and effectively to support delivering all of these services to citizens, businesses and organisations.
  • A project aimed to create a new and innovative set of interoperable, e-government services that would provide information to all citizens and businesses about all aspects of city life via interactive city-wide Internet based applications, bringing together advanced knowledge and experience of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.The project was led by Manchester City Council (UK) and the City of Sienna (Italy), with eighteen European cities, twenty ICT companies (including Nokia and CISCO) and thirty-six research groups. Funded under the FP6 programme, finishing 2006

And the European-level resources:

  • Eurovoc is a multilingual thesaurus covering the fields in which the European Communities are active; it provides a means of indexing the documents in the documentation systems of the European institutions and of their users. The European Parliament, the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, the national and regional parliaments in Europe, some national government departments and European organisations are currently using this controlled vocabulary. The European institutions, the national parliaments and the various users of Eurovoc have cooperated to produce this edition. The main point is that it is language independent
  • Interoperability is a key factor to all of IDABC’s so-called horizontal measures (HM) activities: The implementation of pan-European eGovernment requires the collaboration of public administrations in 27 different Member States and in EU institutions. That collaboration will lead to the emergence of better services for European citizens and businesses and further promote a more efficient implementation of EU policies. (Another good idea that’s petered out? Last updated Feb 2006 – though there was a conference in June 2008, so maybe it’s not too late)

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