The bigger picture: looking to the next golden age

A recent review in OpenDemocracy has some implications for e-participation I think:

If this idea is right (and it makes sense to me, what I understand of it at least), then e-participation must be at the heart of this redistribution of power around the new (information) technologies. The trick is to understand the shape of the new power arrangements and design the e-participation system to match.

A more directly political take can be seen here at OurKingdom:


About Peter Cruickshank

Lecturer in the School of Computing and a member of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Interested in information systems, learning, politics, society, security and where they intersect. My attempts at rounding out my character include food, cinema, running, history and, together with my lovely wife, bringing up a cat and a couple of kids.
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