A British Standard for forensics

  • A new British Standard has been published that aims to maximise the evidential weight of electronic information held by companies. 

    BS 10008 sets out requirements for data management in companies to ensure the integrity of information.

    By complying with BS 10008, “it is anticipated that the evidential weight of electronic information transferred to and/or managed by a corporate body will be maximised,” said national standards body BSI British Standards.

    The Standard is called Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information – Specification. It sets out the requirements for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, including the storage and transfer of information, and addresses issues relating to authenticity and integrity of information


About Peter Cruickshank

Lecturer in the School of Computing and a member of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Interested in information systems, learning, politics, society, security and where they intersect. My attempts at rounding out my character include food, cinema, running, history and, together with my lovely wife, bringing up a cat and a couple of kids.
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3 Responses to A British Standard for forensics

  1. jameshigham says:

    The evidential weight of my thoughts right now are for you to have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Peter says:

    Thank you, and a very happy Christmas to you too!

  3. jameshigham says:

    … and a Happy New Year. Then we’ll come back and grapple with the forensics.

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