Identity, privacy… and art

Dearest Tinkebell coverHere’s a thought provoking story (on several levels):

More at the NRC Handelsblad site here:

Tinkebell and Vogelaar stress that they have only published information that was already made accessible by the people themselves. “Everything has been obtained legally” […] But there is a good chance that the book will be taken off the market, because none of those portrayed have given permission. […]

Tinkebell says she is merely asking a rhetoric question: “So you want me dead. Well, who are you then? It seems people are answering that question on the internet.”

She is unfazed by the prospect of a court case. “You can’t get blood out of a stone,” she says. “Also, if these people want to sue me, I will report their threats. That’s the deal. You act like a child; then so will I. It is our intention to stir the privacy debate. A lot of rules about the internet and privacy haven’t been defined yet. This makes the work interesting from a legal perspective.”

Under Dutch law, the copyright on on e-mails remains with the senders, and Katinka has probably violated the terms of the social networking sites she pulled the personal informaiton from, but still… this does seem to be showing one result of a cultural shift from privacy to transparency


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