Links: More Norfolk and another possible bonus from opening up government data

Norfolk is one of those councils that are leading the way with co-creation and co-design of public services (online and real-world). Two more examples:

  • In Norfolk we want all our citizens to be able to have a say on the policies, decisions and services that affect our lives. In a survey taken in 2006 two thirds of residents say they cannot influence decisions affecting their local area, while 32% say they can.Your Norfolk Your Say wants to change that so that everyone knows that they can make a difference. Why not give your views on something that matters to you – after all, it’s Your Norfolk, Your Say.

    Includes links to consultation finder and similar related services

Public services 2.0 for Europe

Over at EUPS 20 there’s been some brainstorming (final day today – so hurry!) going on to on policy recommendations for public services 2.0 in advance of the Malmö ministerial conference. The runaway winners have been “release government data in free, open, standard, readily available, accessible formats” and “free government data”. This article from the USA shows what can be done with the result (and its potential for sustaining local journalism. An alternative to topslicing the BBC’s license fee?):

One example:

Definitely worth a read.

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