Europe: conservative, cautious or…?

    More negative comparisons with the USA. In Europe’s defence, I do get the impression that the formal political processes here are more concerned with social inclusion and participation than they are in the USA, and our political processes provide for more than two parties and therefore a wider range of viewpoints, so maybe the issues aren’t seen as urgent? I’m just saying…

    PS I’m learning that Delicious auto-post to WordPress combined with WordPresses autopost to twitter don’t make a good combo. So I’ll silence Delicious now I think… it’ll reduce the number of these rushed blog posts at least!


    About Peter Cruickshank

    Lecturer in the School of Computing and a member of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Interested in information systems, learning, politics, society, security and where they intersect. My attempts at rounding out my character include food, cinema, running, history and, together with my lovely wife, bringing up a cat and a couple of kids.
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