#digiCC – our report on digital engagement workshops

session 2 table 1 (2) (771x800)Last week we (Bruce Ryan and myself) published our report into a series of digital engagement workshops we ran for community councilors through 2015 across Scotland. Well, Bruce did most of the running, but I was there in the background.

The aim was (a little) to show what can be done with social media and public participation. We had some great guest talks from Alistair Stoddart of @DemSocScotland covering participatory budgetting and related concepts. (And we are truly grateful to the representatives from the Scottish Government being willing to get out there and face the questions).

But the main aim was to give the community councillors a chance to share challenges and experiences. We hope this will lead to some at least keeping in touch with each other – creating the beginnings of a network of support. Community of practice is too strong an expression right now, though it would be nice to get there.

Empowerment of community councils or their successors is creeping up the agenda. I hope this work is helping in a small way to prepare the ground for devolution of power within Scotland if and when that happens.

The report is over at the relaunched community councils support website here (good use of the new .scot domain I think).

More details and lessons learned over at Bruce’s blog: Digital engagement workshops report

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