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What are community councils doing online in Scotland

Over the summer, I have been working with a volunteer intern Bruce Ryan carrying out an update of a study carried out 2004-2006 which investigated how technology could be developed to help regenerate democracy at the local community level. We’re getting to the data analysis and report drafting stage, so now seems a good idea to start sharing our progress. Continue reading

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Identity, local citizenship and a modest proposal

Starting from the overlap of geography, identity and citizenship online – and how it relates to e-identity. Raises questions including: what does it mean to be a ‘citizen’ of a place (city) when you’re online? Can a location decide you are not a citizen? How can a city know if it’s dealing with a real person? How do we define who is entitled to participate in a local space, and to what extent? Continue reading

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Open source, open data, open options?

I’ve been looking at open source in government and e-participation in particular for a while now, and this seems a good time to try to get into shape my thoughts on some of the reasons why open source is still … Continue reading

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Risk & control issues around social media in local government

…in Scotland I was invited to do a brief talk about the changing risk environment in local government caused by the continuing impact of social media. What made the invitation particularly attractive was that I would be speaking to SLACIAG, which you … Continue reading

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Local government and social networking

Dan Slee has just posted a great summary with tons of example of the opportunities that intelligent use of Facebook can open up for local government. I’ve had a couple of thoughts in response (a bit much for a comment, … Continue reading

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