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What can TOE say about information security?

In which I continue to argue that information security should be explicitly mapped to all levels of the T-O-E technology adoption model. Continue reading

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Looking for a theory to explain the impact of security on technology adoption decisions

Looking at the gaps in information security is dealt with in a framework called Technology, Organisation and Environment (TOE). It claims to provide a mechanism for explaining an organisation’s response to a new technology by assessing internal and external factors that influence adoption of new technological innovations. The challenge is that it doesn’t seem to have a very good account of the importance of information security Continue reading

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Co-design for Smart Cities

Last week, we ran a workshop on Co-design for the Smart Cities project looking at the challenges that co-design presents local government – so we were privileged to be joined by managers from four cities around the North Sea region … Continue reading

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Resilience versus efficiency

A quick look at the issues raised by the tensions between efficiency and resilience in the face of a need to transform systems – for co-production, for instance Continue reading

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Political self-efficacy… mmm (updated)

I wrote with my colleage Colin Smith a brief paper on the use of self-efficacy in evaluating e-participation, which I presented at EDEM09 yesterday. As a result of this, a whole new world is opening up before me: here for … Continue reading

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