Online OSS bibliographies

Here’s a quick assessment of online open-source related bibliographies, starting with what Google turned up on a search for ‘open source bibliography’. I am adding other sites as I find them.

I’ve put them in an order that is most relevant to my work, based on the content and when the contents were last updated. Stefan Koch does seem to own the field – he has even edited books on the subject. It’s only taken me six months to find out about him…

Active bibliographies

  • Free/Open Source Software Academic Bibliography Free/Open Source Software Academic Bibliography – Maintained by Dr Stefan Koch at the Institut für Informationswirtschaft, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. Up-to-date and extensive (130+ entries), also uncategorised, so it’s difficult to pull out relevant items. Last update: 2006
  • UCC Dublin’s Open Source Resources: Bibliography of Research and Analysis Last update: November 2006 (updated!!)
  • University of Brandenberg’s Open-Source Software and Innovation Bibliography an extensive, searchable database in German and English, with Bibtex export feature, developed as part of the INNODES project. Recommended by Christopher Oezbek. Last Update: Recent – 2005 is the last date in the news section. It’s not clear whether this resource will be maintained now that the project has moved onto the next phase
  • LinuxChix: Women in Free/Open Source Software bibliography This list is intended to be a complete bibliography of published research findings on female participation in Open Source or Free Software. Last update: 2006
  • Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography This bibliography has been compiled by Brenda Chawner, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand – focuses on open source applications used in libraries. Over 400 uncategorised entries – but all pretty closely realted to library management and information science Last update: 2006
  • MIT Opensource papers repository Anyone can upload papers, so it is not strictly a bibliography, but hey, at least it’s uptodate, in that one or two papers were submitted this year. Last update: 2006

General bibliographical resources

  • CiteULike About 80 entries tagged opensource and a further 40 tagged open-source – seems to have a good range of introductory/general texts. Last Update: Live
  • Google Scholar Included here for the sake of completeness if nothing else. Though the problem is restricting the search results to relevant papers on open source policy. Last Update: Live
  • Windows Live Academic Home Page Nice interface, decent number of results returned for searches relating to open source, though some results are duplicated. Last Update: Live


You can look at all the possibly relevant links I found while wondering the net via my pages here


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  8. Øyvind says:

    Maybe you want to check this one out?

    I also have my own which is growing…Contact me if you want to have a look.

  9. Thanks for that Øyvind – I had the UCC biblio in my list, but as inactive since when I last looked at it, the most recent update had been in 2002. Good to see Feller has come back to it!

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  11. I am writing my MBA dissertation and also uploaded a list of my bibliography


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