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Risk & control issues around social media in local government

…in Scotland I was invited to do a brief talk about the changing risk environment in local government caused by the continuing impact of social media. What made the invitation particularly attractive was that I would be speaking to SLACIAG, which you … Continue reading

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Understanding web application security

Some links I picked up as part of background research for a lecture in internet application security. For some background, clicking on the picture below will take you to a good overview of the design patterns involved in developing secure … Continue reading

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Link: Windows command line security tricks

Via Bruce Schneier: Built-in Windows commands to determine if a system has been hacked Two oldies: net and netstat and two ones new to me: openfiles – similar to Unix’s lsof wmic – which can list running processes, startup files … Continue reading

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IT Policy Compliance

Came across this useful project website and supporting (WordPress) blog. I particularly like their approach of seeing past the regulatory audit to actually getting working security processes in place. IT Policy Compliance Promotes the development of research and information that … Continue reading

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Some security/audit links

Some security and audit related stories today: Kable – Auditor gets diminishing returns from data matching – 16 May 2008 2006-07 National Fraud Initiative involved 74 organisations and found £9.7m of fraud, compared with £15.1m identified by the same exercise … Continue reading

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