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Open data and personal data systems in the UK and England (+ Scotland and Wales and NI?)

A couple of months ago, Mydex (via William Heath) published a brief UK list of government initiatives on the Ideal Government site, looking at applications of personal data systems (PDS). The motivation is the belief that: Only the addition of … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on privacy in UK and Europe

I was asked by a colleague to put together some notes on privacy, government and young people – I thought’d I’d share the results, if only to prove that this blog is still alive! I’d point out that though I do have … Continue reading

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The trouble with (government use of personal) data and why it keeps getting worse

Ooops. Looks like I’ve been letting my link gathering get away with me. I’ve now tidied things up a bit by pulling out the government/policy level links into this item: “The trouble with data” – SA Mathieson | The Ideal … Continue reading

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Who controls your data clouds? (aka beware the PATRIOT Act)

A random incoming link on my WordPress dashboard from Nourishing Obscurity reminded me about something I’d written over a year ago here in response to a piece of techno-optimism by Simon Dickson in his old blog and some Web2.0 caution … Continue reading

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Data protection to be built into FP7 projects

At last.  Data protection authority to monitor EU research policy and projects | CORDIS: FP7 In its latest policy paper, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) recommends that a ‘privacy by design’ approach should taken in research projects funded under … Continue reading

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