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A modest proposal… for the ECI

A commonsense proposal for making the EU’s Citizen Initiative (ECI) more lightweight and effective – based on some old research. Continue reading

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Next challenge for petitioning software: the ECI

It is times like this that it is frustrating to live in a city that’s (let’s face it) at the periphery of the EU, and to be working in times of budgetary constraint. There are a lot of exciting developments … Continue reading

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The 100 day lifespan of the e-petition

As part of the EuroPetition evaluation process for the report we’ve just issued, one research question we asked was whether there is an optimum time for closing a petition. I thought I’d discuss one finding that came out of playing … Continue reading

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Petitions to the European Parliament – 2009 report

I’ve finally been able to write some notes from the European Parliament’s report on petitioning in 2009 – it was approved 7 June 2010, so really I have no excuse for being so late with this piece. Despite the delay, … Continue reading

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Has e-petitioning been ‘useless’?

I think I’ll use my first blog post of 2011 (Happy New Year by the way) for a quick refresher on (e)petitioning. One of my favourite quotes on the subject of e-petitions is from a letter to the Telegraph of … Continue reading

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