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A modest proposal… for the ECI

A commonsense proposal for making the EU’s Citizen Initiative (ECI) more lightweight and effective – based on some old research. Continue reading

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ECI4all sytem: Replacement of OCS announced – but who are they?

You may be aware that the European Commission has been supporting the development of an online collection systems for online signatures for the European Citizens Initiative – it’s called OCS and hosted on the JoinUp platform. Now, the OCS has a … Continue reading

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Petitions to the European Parliament – 2009 report

I’ve finally been able to write some notes from the European Parliament’s report on petitioning in 2009 – it was approved 7 June 2010, so really I have no excuse for being so late with this piece. Despite the delay, … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on privacy in UK and Europe

I was asked by a colleague to put together some notes on privacy, government and young people – I thought’d I’d share the results, if only to prove that this blog is still alive! I’d point out that though I do have … Continue reading

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The EU Council moves towards simplifying the ECI. But is it workable yet?

Earlier this week, there was another General Council discussion on the ECI. A video of the last meeting has now been posted. It includes a link to a revised draft of the regulation (in case this insanely long link doesn’t … Continue reading

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