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The 100 day lifespan of the e-petition

As part of the EuroPetition evaluation process for the report we’ve just issued, one research question we asked was whether there is an optimum time for closing a petition. I thought I’d discuss one finding that came out of playing … Continue reading

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E-Petitioning a Council: A new flow diagram

Presenting an summary flow diagram of the petitioning process, created as part of the EuroPetition project and based on one I had done last year relating to the UK Parliament. A four-stage model is used to illustrate the processes involved during the life of an individual petition – downloadable PDF available Continue reading

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EDEM 09: Some challenges for e-government

Today and tomorrow I’m in Vienna at EDem 2009 – it’s great meeting up with people I normally am only interacting with through reading their papers and reports. For me, the winner so far has been Viktor Mayer-Schönberger who summarised … Continue reading

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