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Talking to imagined citizens: Why share information when no-one talks back?

This is a subject I’ve been thinking about for a long time: the old eparticipation problem of lurkers.  I described the challenges of understanding posting to a non-responsive audience in blog posts here and here, back in 2017, when I … Continue reading

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Community representatives and online communication

In previous research, we have observed the poor record of online engagement of community councils in Scotland, though I doubt this is issue is restricted only to this context. With some notable exceptions, Community Council online presences are characterised by … Continue reading


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Lurking and what leaders know about their invisible audience

Let’s talk about something obvious: Leaders (for instance community councillors) share information online but the paradox is, that they often don’t get a visible response. Why do they do it then? What are their expectations of how the information they … Continue reading

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Loving the lurkers – the paper

Quick update: a PDF of the paper I presented at Lausanne is now available via the ITC website. It’s title is the more prosaic: ‘Signing a an e-petition as a transition from lurking to participation’. Download it from this page … Continue reading

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Loving the lurkers – the presentation

As promised, here’s a PDF of the presentation I gave at ePart10 – looking at why e-participation researchers and practitioners should take passive users (aka lurkers) of their websites seriously. And one or two ideas on how to support a … Continue reading

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