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Community representatives and online communication

In previous research, we have observed the poor record of online engagement of community councils in Scotland, though I doubt this is issue is restricted only to this context. With some notable exceptions, Community Council online presences are characterised by … Continue reading


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What can TOE say about information security?

In which I continue to argue that information security should be explicitly mapped to all levels of the T-O-E technology adoption model. Continue reading

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Looking for a theory to explain the impact of security on technology adoption decisions

Looking at the gaps in information security is dealt with in a framework called Technology, Organisation and Environment (TOE). It claims to provide a mechanism for explaining an organisation’s response to a new technology by assessing internal and external factors that influence adoption of new technological innovations. The challenge is that it doesn’t seem to have a very good account of the importance of information security Continue reading

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The 100 day lifespan of the e-petition

As part of the EuroPetition evaluation process for the report we’ve just issued, one research question we asked was whether there is an optimum time for closing a petition. I thought I’d discuss one finding that came out of playing … Continue reading

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Call for Papers for CeDEM11

It’s that time of the year again. CeDEM11 (the Conference for e-democracy, e-participation and e-voting) has issued its call for papers for next year’s event in 5-6 May 2011 at Danube University Krems. CeDEM11 brings together e-democracy, e-participation and e-voting … Continue reading

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