My publications

This page lists all my publications, most recent first.

The official list is on my page at Edinburgh Napier’s website, but that is not always available. A slightly out of date list, but one that is more usable is available here. My ResearchGate profile may also be useful.


Cruickshank, P. & Ryan, B. (2017, June). Practices of community representatives in exploiting information channels for citizen engagement. Paper presented at i3: Information: Interactions and impact, RGU, Aberdeen

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B. & Hall, H. (2017, June). Practices of community representatives in exploiting information channels for citizen engagement. Paper presented at i3, RGU, Aberdeen

Ryan, F., Cruickshank, P., Hall, H. & Lawson, A. (2017, June). Blurred reputations: Managing profession and private information online. Paper presented at i3: information: interactions and impact, Aberdeen, Scotland


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2009 and earlier

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