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Talking to imagined citizens: Why share information when no-one talks back?

This is a subject I’ve been thinking about for a long time: the old eparticipation problem of lurkers.  I described the challenges of understanding posting to a non-responsive audience in blog posts here and here, back in 2017, when I … Continue reading

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Lurking and what leaders know about their invisible audience

Let’s talk about something obvious: Leaders (for instance community councillors) share information online but the paradox is, that they often don’t get a visible response. Why do they do it then? What are their expectations of how the information they … Continue reading


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#digiCC – our report on digital engagement workshops

We published a report on the digital engagement workshops we have been running for community councils across Scotland. Some thoughts and background… Continue reading

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On a completely different subject: it’s interesting to compare the almost complete dominance of Facebook now with the situation as I found it a couple of years ago. From the Next Web, 10 June 2012: Facebook is eating the world, except for China and … Continue reading

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Social media and The Lives of Others… Stasi Media?

Have you been getting the feeling that you need to be very careful what you say online  for fear the police or media will take things the wrong way and land you in a load of unnecessary trouble? Especially knowing … Continue reading

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